Southern California Opponauts....

After my flight home yesterday from Pittsburgh I was reminded how beautiful the sky is. I rarely get night flights these days, but up in the air, over the clouds I spent a ton of my flight gazing out of the window and checking out the stars. Being in LA county, there is a ton of light out here and every time I see it, I am floored by how many stars we are really missing out on here.


So what I want to do this weekend is take the GF out stargazing this weekend if the weather cooperates. Does anyone here in the SoCal area know of a good spot that isn't too big of a pain to get to? Somewhere away from the city lights, and away from enough trees to get a pretty cool look at things? I live near Long Beach and GF is in OC. So basically anything surrounding the OC area would work (south OC, maybe even some IE). Any ideas guys?

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