Just need to vent a touch Oppo....

I've been rather bummed lately in the relationship with my GF. I've done nothing wrong, and neither has she, and she's great and I love her dearly. However, there's an issue that is the large elephant in the room with us that she brought up a week or two ago and it's been on my mind since then. She lives here in SoCal, and she is here on an international student visa from Japan. This isn't a huge deal, but she graduated from school last year and she is now working on a different deal with her visa, however, this expires this summer and from there she will have to either have her employer go through a bunch of paperwork and cost to keep her here on a work visa, or she will be forced to go back home.


Now, we all know what the obvious solution would be from my end. I could marry her. There are circumstances in my life that make this not likely to happen. First and foremost, one thing that I am not proud of is that I still live at home. I'm too old for that, and to be honest, it's one thing that I am somewhat ashamed of. I just recently got promotion at work that was 2 years overdue (not exaggerating for effect, I've been performing an offical job two pay grades above what I was getting compensated for for 2 years) at work, but I still don't have enough money put together to buy a home in an area that isn't a total ghetto. (SoCal remember? It's expensive here) So marriage wouldn't work unless I was out on my own. Even if I did move out today and had my own spot, I'm not sure 6 months is enough time to get shit together for something as serious as marriage.

Oppo, has anyone been in a similar situation before? I wish I had an year or so to get some things in my life together so that it would make the decision easier. Renting out here isn't any cheaper than buying a place either sadly but I really, really need to move out but I feel as if all I've done is fail. It's weighing on me pretty heavy. How can I enjoy my time with her knowing that in several months it might all be taken away from me, and my own shortcomings are responsible for it?


Fuck man.

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